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Mon Mar 10 16:58:15 CET 2008

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Michael 'Mickey' Lauer wrote:
> The gsm situation is complicated. We soon have three things to chose from:
> 1.) original gsmd, which the community thinks has lots of problems.
> 2.) gsmd2 (from ixonos people), a complete reimplementation using a 
> proprietary dbus interface (but soon
> 3.) pygsmd, a minimal implementation in python using a proprietary dbus 
> interface (but soon

4.) And PhoneKit which replaces libmokogsmd2?
I believe openmoko-dialer2 uses PhoneKit for its operation although.

What if, we could get the dialer use OTAPI once its fully ready?

> I personally(!) think gsmd(1) is a dead-end, because of its design.

Out of curiosity, is the fact that libgsmd doesnt handle asynchronous
parts in a sane manner the reason for its imminent death? By
asynchronous I mean unexpected events like Receiving an SMS or a
phonecall which user space apps cannot perceive unless libgsmd uses some
IPC mechanism to communicate with its "clients". (which happens to be
dbus for OTAPI). I am aware that libmokogsmd2 attempted to wrap libgsmd
but the problem got elevated at the higher level. Am I correct?

> My plan a couple of months ago was to create a phone server with a backend and 
> frontend so that we could play with different backend implementations -- 
> eventually settling on the most stable one. (See 

Thanks, I will take a look at that.

Forgive me if I am asking something stupid, but since we are in a risk
of the OM getting hardware getting beaten by the market, what would
likely be the final call?

Sudharshan S

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