Work on gsmd as a GSoC project

Nuutti Kotivuori naked at
Mon Mar 10 18:27:44 CET 2008

M. Dietrich wrote:
>> 3.) pygsmd, a minimal implementation in python using a proprietary dbus
>> interface (but soon
> i developed the pygsmd for two reasens: the first was because i wanted
> a usable implementation and libgsmd did not work for me for several
> reasons, the second was to learn how to best interact with the modem.
> i thought that if i had learned how to serve the modem right (and i
> saw that that was complicated in libgsmd) i could reimplement the
> behavior in c.
> when mickey jumped in i thought the bottom-half of the learning could
> be also done on the top half: implementing the right api using a
> standard, easy to use interprocess communication system. that's the
> point where we are now. 
> next thing i will do is changing the api of pygsmd to meet the
> requirements as we agreed with mickey. here we can learn if the api is
> right and change the code fast for better ideas on that api.
> after this learning curve i suggest to implement the pygsmd in c. i
> have seen that if i enable all daemons (there are similar daemons for
> gps, pwr, ppp, ...) the python process needs a notable amount of cpu
> resource.

This sounds like the sanest approach in my (uninformed) opinion. And
as far as I am concerned, no need to rush the pygsmd conversion to C -
as long things are still not set in stone, it's much faster to
redesign things in python.

But for the medium term, definitely a C implemention.

-- Naked

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