Questions regarding the wakeup interrupt

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer mickey at
Fri Mar 28 13:01:20 CET 2008

On Friday 28 March 2008 03:48:34 Holger Freyther wrote:
> On Thursday 27 March 2008 19:57:18 Harald Welte wrote:
> > If that is not detailed enough, please reply to this mail (cc me
> > personally) and state questions as specific as possible.
> Hey Harald,
> thanks a lot and also for the other mail. This is what I wanted to hear. I
> can confirm (as of the initial mail) that the modem is causing the s3c to
> wakeup from suspend, and it matches your description that any data will
> cause the wakeup.
> This means that we will need special suspend and resume preparations for
> the modem (which is fine). IIRC the apm bios emulation allows us to delay a
> suspend, e.g. until we have put the modem in a suitable state, and then ack
> the suspend request. Do you have a strong opinion to use apm for this task?
> The alternative would be DBus.

I don't know whether you're talking hot-fix or mid-term (aka: proper) 
solution. Hot-fix: Do anything you want. Mid-term:  Please not the apm 
emulation. This is completely deprecated and really phasing out nowadays.

Regarding responsibilities, the suspend cycle should be somewhat like:

pimd: "please set wakeup time for next appointment"
eventd: "Ok, this is far away and there's no one playing music or watching a 
film right now, I guess we can shutdown now"
deviced: "Righto, let me configure the modem and the rest of the peripherals 
to a safe state... done. Suspending"


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