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Patryk Benderz Patryk.Benderz at esp.pl
Thu Dec 10 09:18:28 CET 2009

> Erm, the dog ate it :) Okay, I've done my homework now. Here's a
> first try:
> http://svn.openmoko.org/trunk/gta02-core/docs/REVIEW
Wow, I need to say I am impressed :) After reading this I feel like I
could start helping this project... if I only was skilled in
electronics :(.
> GETTING-STARTED is already quite heavy reading, so I put the review
> details into a separate file, lest it get more intimidating.
> Review welcome :-)
NP, here you are:
I would add ++... to each "part" of this file (same for footprints,etc)
Components (schematics symbols)
Schematics symbols should be accurate renderings of the drawings in the
respective data sheets. In some cases, we depart from the reference for
consistency within the project or to avoid flaws in the data sheet.
++Schematics reviews should meet following requirements:
- presence of an entry in the file components/INFO with a pointer to
2.Schematics and ECNs:
	- equivalence to the respective circuit in GTA02 (++documentation?),
except if a change has been made through an ECN

	"- use of the same component references (R1014, etc.)" - what to do if
adding/removing component? fill the gap which occured after removing
some other resistor, or maybe take last: R(n+1) ?

	Are there any rules how to avoid confusing O(letter) and 0(digit)?

	"- there be no spaces between numbers and units" - I am not native
speaker, but looks weird for me...shouldn't be "there will be no" or
"there are no"?

	"- units of additional parameters and all units of components that are
not R, C, or L, are written in regular SI or SI-like notation, e.g.,
17.6pF, 5.6Vac" - this might be confusing, as you show capacitor as an
example, while a moment before you write to omit C...

To do. - you mean physical location of components on PCB?

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