[gta02-core] component situation update

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Wed Dec 23 15:15:29 CET 2009

Dear all,

one of the biggest external dependencies of the gta02-core project is 
the supply of case parts and electronic components.

Sean promised that Openmoko Inc. would donate GTA02 part kits to help
our project. Since Openmoko Inc. had unassembled parts for thousands
of FreeRunners stocked at the factory, this seemed to be an easy
enough thing to do.

There was just one small complication, namely that the assets at the
factory had remained FIC's property when Openmoko Inc. changed 
ownership. Thus Openmoko Inc. and FIC still had to negotiate this part
of the transfer.

The negotiations took longer to resolve than I had expected, but it
seems that this obstacle has finally been removed. So far the good
nmuch ews.

The bad news is that the factory has been trying to sell off their
stock. As a consequence, some items may no longer be around, and we 
may have to replace them. Hopefully, the things that were easy to sell 
will also be easy to replace.

Sean is asking the factory for an inventory of the GTA02 parts they
still have and he'll then send it to me. I'll remove NDA material, 
i.e., anything Calypso, then post it and we can find out how much of
a problem we have on our hands.

- Werner

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