[gta02-core] last missing symbols

Dave Ball openmoko at underhand.org
Mon Jun 8 17:00:19 CEST 2009

(second try - sending from my correct email address now...)

Fantastic! Thanks Rene :-)

Rene Harder wrote:
> Hi,
> So here are the last missing symbols for review.

I've increased the length of the pins on the atr0635 to 300mm, which 
makes the pin names easier to read, but otherwise committed these as is.

I've noticed a couple things with the atr0635 that could do with fixing 

- There's a duplicate pin (C4) - VCC2 should be E4.  Kicad has a 'test 
duplicate pins' function in the library editor (it's a magnifying glass 
with a tick on it) which is worth running after editing a device.

- where signals are inverted, we're using nNAME labels, where the 
lowercase 'n'  indicates the negation, and the uppercase NAME is the 
signal.  It would be clearer if all the 'n's were lowercase where used 
to signify an inverted signal, even if the datasheet lists uses all 
caps.  Where a pin does have more than one use, only use inverted pin 
symbol if all the uses are inverted.

> U7608: GPS Chipset
> You have to watch out here, the pin names and functions change with the
> firmware.

Heh - more fun multi-purpose pins :-)

Where these have multiple uses, it would be good to list all the uses, 
as we have on the CPU.  This makes it easier if we decide to change our 
use of the device, and allows for re-use in a different circuit.  Some 
of these pins have three or more possible uses (such as 
P17/GPSMODE5/SCK1, P20/TIMEPULSE/SCK2) and it would be good to list them 

Thanks for your work Rene - it's great to have got all the components 


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