[gta02-core] U490{1,2,3} diagrams

Rene Harder rehar at saweb.de
Wed Jun 10 22:01:45 CEST 2009

I just did some reviews and have some concerns about the 74AUP1G00 naming.

A while back, You talked already about this and explained why you
removed the SN prefix, at least for the 74AUP1G125.

I think we might have to use the SN prefix for following reasons.
First of all different manufacture means different packages (Werner
already mentioned that), but the worst is that they have completely
different pin numbers as well.  NXP for example swapped the input pins
B=1 and A=2 (TI  has B=2, A=1). So that means this symbol is TI specific
anyways and would cause a lot of confusion to other people who might use
the symbol.

I see 2 possible solutions:
1. we switch to a more manufacture specific name (SN74xxx )
2. we hide the pin numbers so that this will be a generic symbol for all
There is one problem with the 2. one. Right now, I don't know if is
actually possible to assign different packages to the same symbol in
Kicad (like in eagle for example). If it's not, this solution would not
make any sens.


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