[gta02-core] KiCad wish list

Rene Harder rehar at saweb.de
Tue Jun 16 18:44:34 CEST 2009

Werner Almesberger wrote:
> I made a little example:
> http://svn.openmoko.org/developers/werner/gta02-core/foo/
> That's basically an NPN transistor. (Just kidding about the triple
> inversion.)
Thanks for the example.

That's not exactly what i was looking for but i do now understand what
you mean with function-specific footprint. You are right, we should
never do anything like this.
I thought something more like you have symbol without pin numbers same
as yours in the example. The footprint has ordinary numbers though.
I was looking for a way to link the pin depending their function e.g.
pin E -> pin 1 (pin in symbol -> pin in footprint), B->2 and C->3 and
for different a footprint maybe E->3, B->2, C->1 and so on.

> Yup, but we have three places where we can solve this:
> - the symbol, as we do now
> - the footprint
> - or by introducing a mapping layer
> The problem is that you don't only want to make the association,
> but you also need to be able to verify it. If it's "hidden" in
> the footprint definition, you need to check schematics, data
> sheet, and the footprint to be sure things are right. If at least
> the footprint is generic, you don't need to look up that one.
I agree. I think the perfect solution would be to feed the pin numbers
back from the footprint into the schematic.

> Not trivial, but shouldn't be too hard either. It's nothing we
> need for gta02-core at the moment, but it could make life easier
> in the future.
Although we could make more generic symbols and footprints where more
people would benefit from, I think to wait for a feature like this would
probably take ages.

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