[gta02-core] KiCad wish list

Álvaro Lopes alvieboy at alvie.com
Wed Jun 17 10:50:26 CEST 2009

Werner Almesberger wrote:
> ?lvaro Lopes wrote:
>> Now, we only want this "pin functions" for validation.
> Good point. But there, we're quickly drifting out of the context of
> KiCad as well. You can extract information from KiCad's files, and
> process it with completely separate tools. That's more flexible than
> trying to make KiCad do something specific.

And that is exactly my idea. It would be nice however to use KiCad to enter those parameters in a "visual" way. Do you know of any perl/python modules to parse
the "standard" netlist format ?

> Full simulations are interesting as well. Or even finding things like
> the maximum current through a component. But then you also need to
> put all those parameters into your system in a structured way, which
> is a lot of work.

Yes, it's a lot of work. But if we split the design in smaller pieces we might be able to do it...

I am looking at eispice right now. It has a python frontend and they say it supports IBIS models, as well as spice models. I believe that if I write a netlist
to python-circuit-description converter we might be able to simulate at least parts of the design.


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