[gta02-core] schematics symbol and drawing style

Rene Harder rehar at saweb.de
Fri Jun 19 01:32:55 CEST 2009


Before I start with the schematics, there are a couple of things I like
to discuss to prevent that we'll get a big mess in the schematics.

What standard do we use for drawing (e.g. common symbols and style),
IEC, ANSI etc.?

I think that's one of the most important questions.
Right now, if there are only 3 people working on the schematics that
shouldn't be a big deal but once we get more support that might become a
huge problem with many different styles and symbols in the sub sections.

I think gta02-core is quite a big project and we need to decide which
one we are going to use.

The other one is the sheet size, right now we are using A4 which might
be good for most parts of the schematics but for the more complex parts
it's way to small. I know that A2 (that's what openmoko uses) is too big
to print on a normal printer, but quite common for projects of this
dimension though. That's why i would suggest lets use A4 for the smaller
parts and A3 for the more complex ones. I think that's a good compromise
between readability and printing on home printers, you could shrink the
sheet or even print it on 2 pages and tape it together (that's what i
used to do if no plotter was available).

Another option would be to split the complex parts even more but we'll
loose readability.  To fully understand the circuit you might need to
look on 2 or even 3 pages or have to flip back and forth if you stapled
them together. What do we gain from that? I think not enough that it's

And the last one. I think we all agreed on that already, at least no one
complained so far.
I really like the idea of avoiding these "evil" cross-shaped junctions. 
Sometimes, it's a pain to see if there is a connection between them or not.


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