[gta02-core] USB schematics

Álvaro Lopes alvieboy at alvie.com
Sat Jun 20 18:15:45 CEST 2009

Rene Harder wrote:
> Hi
> I finished the USB part and commited to svn.

There seems to be a problem with 74XG125. Did you change the device ?

One wire (nOE) is not connected, and pin names are in bold. I don't remember drawing them bold however...

Also R4917 seems to close to the wires. And there are a few places where you can avoid crossing wires (like C4909<->VIN pin).

Otherwise loos good, thanks :)


> I found some problems while i was working the schematics.
> The reference of some varistors start with C instead of D.
> Maybe there supposed to be capacitors, which actually would make sense.
> There are 3 varistors on the USB_VBUS line 2 of them labeled with C.
> Anyone an idea, why there are 3, I think one would be more than enough.
> There is an error in the om schematics, the varistors connected to the
> USB power line have an allowed dc operating voltage of 5.6V (data sheet)
> instead of 2.4V (om schematics).
> Also om is using capitalized SI prefixes e.g. kilo=K, nano=N. That might
> cause confusion if you have milli=M and Mega=M. I think it's better to
> stay with the official captions  kilo=k, nano=n, mega=M etc.
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