[gta02-core] Memory Schematics

Luke Duncan duncan72187 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 21 02:17:00 CEST 2009

 Werner Almesberger wrote:

Aiii, seems that you're the first to get bitten by the switch to
gta02-core.lib :-(

gta02-core.lib is a generated file. Please make changes only to
the per-component libraries, in this case sc32442.lib, then
regenerate gta02-core.lib. Example:

cd components
eeschema `pwd`/gta02-core-comp.sch

 Ah, of course. I read that before but completely forgot.

 -Made a symbol for the ferrite bead (KLB0603K601SA)

 It looks exactly the same as the inductor. Is this intentional ?
We don't need to make new components for symbols we already have.
You can just edit the text that says "INDUCTOR".

 Oops, I had intended on changing the symbol but it slipped my mind. Patch

Argh, information overload. Any ideas ?

 Actually, I was just browsing through the kicad device library and noticed
the FILTER symbol. This looks like a good compromise between the inductor
symbol and the fuse-like symbol that you mentioned.  Unless, of course, we
need to use it as a symbol for something else in other parts of the

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