[gta02-core] Good revision of KiCad to use?

Dave Ball openmoko at underhand.org
Wed Jun 24 19:03:09 CEST 2009

I've just added a new sheet for the bluetooth schematics, but I think my 
kicad is acting up.  It seems to be munging the LIB directives in the 
.sch files ("LIBS:,powerdeviceconngta02-coregta02-core-cache"),  
changing sheet numbers (three sheet #2's?), and modifying loads of test 

-L TST H-TP1702
+L TST TP1702

Are any of these harmless / expected?

If not, as a first step is there a specific kicad revision I should be 
using?  I'm currently on 1837 - which i think is the latest.

KiCad seems to have a tendency to re-save all sheets, when any one is 
edited - are people taking any specific steps to avoid conflicts (such 
as only editing one sheet, reverting local unwanted changes prior to 
commit, or only committing the one sheet you intended to edit)?



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