[gta02-core] Good revision of KiCad to use?

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Wed Jun 24 19:27:13 CEST 2009

Dave Ball wrote:
> It seems to be munging the LIB directives in the 
> .sch files ("LIBS:,powerdeviceconngta02-coregta02-core-cache"),  

This is perfectly harmless. Here's a patch that fixes it:

> changing sheet numbers (three sheet #2's?),

I havent' really looked at sheet numbers yet. I think the logic
that assigns them doesn't quite work for us anyway, but that
should be fixable.

> and modifying loads of test points:

How good that we want to change then from H-TPxxxx to TPxxxx anyway :)

> If not, as a first step is there a specific kicad revision I should be 
> using?  I'm currently on 1837 - which i think is the latest.

I'm still a few days behind, and didn't notice any trouble in
eeschema besides the library mangling. I see that my patches no
longer apply with the latest. Will update soon.

> KiCad seems to have a tendency to re-save all sheets, when any one is 
> edited - are people taking any specific steps to avoid conflicts (such 
> as only editing one sheet, reverting local unwanted changes prior to 
> commit, or only committing the one sheet you intended to edit)?

Ah, this is becoming a FAQ ;-) If you click on the disk icon,
KiCad will save all sheets. If you use File -> Save, it will
only save the current sheet.

- Werner

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