[gta02-core] IO Schematics

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Tue Jun 30 06:33:17 CEST 2009

Luke Duncan wrote:
>  I'm confused here. I used the "Add Global Label" button to add the labels.
> Double-clicking the label also opens the global label properties box.

Oh, I see what's happening. There are two versions of schematics
files, version 1 and version 2. Version 1 supposedly swapped global
and hierarchical labels, and recent KiCad swaps them back when
detecting a version 1 file.

However, your version of KiCad uses the correct labels but still
calls the file version 1. So recent KiCad gets confused.

Not sure what happened there. Can you try to upgrade to a more
recent version ? For now, I recommend SVN revision 1837 with the
patch set from

The latest revision (1846) has a major overhaul of the plotting
code, which introduces a few small but annoying problems.

With a more recent KiCad, you'll also get text attributes (e.g.,
bold), so you won't accidently un-bold sheets you edit. Plus, you
get better fonts.

Thanks for the fixes !

- Werner

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