[gta02-core] IO Schematics

Dave Ball openmoko at underhand.org
Tue Jun 30 11:46:30 CEST 2009

Luke Duncan wrote:
>     - The text inside the FH23-39S connector doesn't fit. Maybe put
>      the reference on top of the box and rotate the name ? Or just
>      make the box a bit wider.
> I didn't pick up the symbol for the debug connector from SVN. Dave, 
> can you make sure this is added to the repository?

Fixed - I moved both labels outside the box.

I also changed the HLabels to GLabels (the joy of text based files! :-)

The EINT block has a few connections missing, which should also be 
GLables going off to other sheets.  Maybe it would make sense to move 
the EINT block to the CPU sheet?  Doing so might result in space on the 
IO sheet for the SDIO block and the SD/SIM connector (CON7501)?  What do 
you think?


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