[gta02-core] BOM processing: things to review

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Sun Feb 7 01:14:45 CET 2010

I wrote:
> The KEVs look like something's wrong in my matching system. The rest
> are probably caused by missing footprints.
> KARMAX KEV040205331A KARMAX KEV040209151A
> D4405 D4901 D3002 D4601 D4902 D4402 D3001 D4602 D4302 D4105 D4106 D4403 D4903 D4301 D4905 D4904 D4404

There was indeed a problem with the matching.

I found another problem: we have a lot of TVS' with "impossible"
characteristics. D3001, D3002, D4105, D4106, D4301, D4302, and D4402
through D4405 specify a Vac of 5.6, but the closest common
configurations are 9 Vdc with 6.5 Vac and 5.6 Vdc with 4 Vac.

Since also D300x, D410x, D430x, and D4402 are 6.5 Vac in the original
schematics, I assume that this is just a typo that was then copied.

I've changed all the 5.6 Vac to 6.5 Vac and also corrected ECN0033.

- Werner

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