[gta02-core] gsm module

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Sun Feb 21 03:32:04 CET 2010

Abdelrhman Mansour wrote:
> i want to know if i can replase baseband of gsm and its preferales with
> another gsm module

You mean the Calypso of GTA02 ? Yes, that's actually the plan for

Or do you mean the Telit GE865 we plan to use in gta02-core ? Of
course, you can replace that too, if you find something suitable.
You'd need to adapt the layout of the modem module area, though.

If your module isn't designed to work directly with a Li-Ion
battery, you'll need to design a suitable power supply.

Also the communication interface to the host may differ, although
I wouldn't expect too much trouble as long as the module is happy
with a UART and doesn't want too many additional control signals.

- Werner

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