[gta02-core] Inventory

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Wed Jan 13 16:11:17 CET 2010

Here's the inventory. Some of the bigger things we don't need have
already been pulled, Glamo, Calypso, etc.

This extract also includes a "what if 10 kits were removed". This
shows up in "Demand Q'ty" and in "Usable Q'ty". Note that "Stock"
minus "Demand" doesn't always equal "Usable". Not sure why.

Some items are duplicate entries where a part have been substituted
with an equivalent part. In some cases, there's no stock of the new
part but some of the old parts are still around. You can tell the
replaced parts by not having a sequence number and their demand
being zero.

- Werner

---------------------------------- cut here ----------------------------------

"SEQ","P/N","Description","Demand Q'ty","Q'ty in Stock","Usable Q'ty"
1,"01-11846-01","CPU SC32442B54 500MHz 16KB 1.7V FBGA 332PIN SAMSUNG FOR GSM LR","10","5838",5828
3,"02-22119-01","SDRAM MOBILE K4M51323PC-DG75 512Mb(16M*32BIT) 133MHZ 7.5ns 1.8V FBGA 90PIN Samsu","10","0",-10
,"02-22127-01","* OldPn 02-22119-01 *","0","1",1
8,"05-11111-01","DL-IC SN74LVC1G08DCKR(G4) 7408 LVC SC70 5PIN TI LR","10","0",-10
10,"05-11193-01","DL-IC SN74LVC2G126DCUR 74126 LVC VSSOP 8PIN TI LR","10","1873",1863
11,"05-11219-01","DL-IC SN74AHC1G125DCKR 74125 AHC SC-70 5PIN TI FOR GSM LR","10","282",272
12,"05-11220-01","DL-IC SN74AUP1G00DCKR 7400 AUP SC-70 5PIN TI FOR GSM LR","10","0",-10
13,"05-21853-01","ASIC HI-FI AND Telephony Dual Codec WM8753LGEFL QFN 48PIN WOLFSON LR","10","0",-10
18,"05-23859-01","ASIC Power supply&Battery Controller PCF50633HN/04/N3,5 68PIN VER:04 NXP FOR GSM","1000","0 "
19,"05-23865-01","ASIC ATR0635-7KQY ANTARIS4 GPS SINGLE CHIP QFN96 96PIN ATMEL FOR GSM LR","10","0",-10
20,"05-32048-01","LNR-IC Power AMP RF3166 Ultra-Small 6*6mm 9PIN RFMD FOR GSM LR","10","0",-10
21,"05-32083-01","LNR-IC HIGH-SIDE CURRET MONITON ZXCT1009FTA SOT-23 3PIN ZETEX FOR GSM LR","10","0",1107
22,"05-32084-01","LNR-IC SPDT SWITCH UPG2012TB-E3 SUPER MINIMOLD 6PIN NEC FOR GSM LR","10","0",1512
25,"05-32273-01","LNR-IC LOGIC LEVEL TRANSLATOR ADG3304BCBZ-REEL 1.15V-5.5V BGA WLCSP 12PIN ADI FO","10","0",1253
26,"05-32289-01","LNR-IC REGULATOR LDO RT9013-12PB 1.2V 500mA SOT-23 5PIN RICHTEK FOR GSM LR","10","4558",4608
27,"05-32290-01","LNR-IC V-DETECTOR R3113D241A-TR-F 2.4V SON1408-3 3PIN RICOH FOR GSM LR","10","0",4900
28,"05-32302-01","LNR-IC GPS LOW-NOISE AMPLIFIER 2.7-3.3V ATR0610-PQQ PLLP6 6PIN ATMEL LR","10","0",1085
29,"05-32303-01","LNR-IC USB POWER SWITCH AAT1275IRN-5.0-T1 2.7-5.0V 500mA TDFN34-16 16PIN AATI fo","10","0",-10
30,"05-32305-01","LNR-IC POWER SWITCH RT9711BPB 1.5A SOT-23-5 5PIN RICHTEK for GSM LR","10","0",27
31,"05-32306-01","LNR-IC POWER SWITCH RT9702APB 1.1A SOT-23-5 5PIN RICHTEK for GSM LR","10","0",29
,"05-32400-00","* OldPn 05-32303-01 *","0","0",0
33,"06-10733-01","DIODE Variable Capacitance HVC375BTRF-E 10V UFP 2PIN RENESAS FOR GSM LR","10","0",-10
34,"06-10795-01","DIODE SWITCHING 1SS400 80V 100mA SC-79(SOD-523) 2PIN ROHM FOR GSM LR","10","114",1439
35,"06-23994-01","TRANS PNP EMB9T2R -50V -100mA EMT6 6PIN ROHM FOR GSM LR","10","0",375
36,"06-23998-01","TRANS PNP PDTA114YE -50V -100mA SOT416 3PIN PHILIPS FOR GSM LR","10","3113",3173
37,"06-24000-01","TRANS NPN DTC123JETL 50V 100mA EMT3 3PIN ROHM FOR GSM LR","20","6050",6391
38,"06-24051-01","TRANS MOS-FET-P GSM9105 20V 3.4A SOT-23 3PIN GLOBALTECH LR","10","0",-10
39,"06-24072-01","TRANS LOW FREQUENCY ISC5804AT2 50V 200mA SOT-23 3PIN ISAHAYA FOR GSM LR","10","0",55
40,"06-24079-01","TRANS M-FET-P LEVEL SHIFT SI1040X-T1-E3 -8V -430mA SC-89 6PIN VISHAY FOR GSM LR","20","0",773
41,"06-24088-01","TRANS FOR GSM NPN DUAL RT3N77U-T111-1 50V 100mA USM6F 6PIN LR","10","0",-10
42,"10-40798-01","T-CAP 100uF 6.3V 20% SMT3216 ESR=500m? H=1.6mm TLJA107M006R0500 AVX FOR GSM LR","10","64",984
43,"10-40799-01","T-CAP 100uF 10V 20% SMT3528 ESR=900m? H=1.2mm TLJT107M010R0900 AVX FOR GSM LR","10","0",-10
44,"10-50588-01","*MO-CAP 0.47uF 6.3V 80-20% SMT0402 Y5V C1005Y5V474ZCT DARFON LR","60","50",8358
45,"10-51163-02","MO-CAP 1000pF 50V 10% SMT0402 X7R C1005X7R102KGT DARFON LR","30","1854",5138
46,"10-51166-03","*MO-CAP 12pF 50V 5% SMT0402 NPO C1005NPO120JGT DARFON LR","20","1281",1261
47,"10-51167-03","*MO-CAP 100pF 50V 5% SMT0402 NPO C1005NPO101JGT DARFON LR","100","0",-100
48,"10-51176-02","*MO-CAP 39pF 50V 5% SMT0402 NPO C1005NPO390JGT DARFON LR","20","2849",8971
49,"10-51217-04","MO-CAP 22uF 6.3V 20% SMT0805 X5R H=1.45mm(MAX) CV21X5R226M06AT AVX/KYOCERA LR","80","1065",985
50,"10-51242-02","*MO-CAP 10uF 25V 10% SMT1206 X5R H=1.75mm(MAX) CM316X5R106K25AT AVX/KYOCERA LR","10","1027",1017
,"10-51243-01","* OldPn 10-51243-04 *","0","0",0
,"10-51243-02","* OldPn 10-51243-04 *","0","0",0
53,"10-51243-04","MO-CAP 2.2uF 10V 10% SMT0603 X5R H=0.90mm(MAX) CM105X5R225K10AT AVX/KYOCERA LR","10","0",-10
54,"10-51300-01","*MO-CAP 1.5pF 50V 0.1pF SMT0402 NPO C1005NPO159BGT DARFON LR","20","1154",7124
55,"10-51306-01","*MO-CAP 1500pF 50V 10% SMT0402 X7R C1005X7R152KGT DARFON LR","10","3785",3775
56,"10-51314-01","*MO-CAP 1pF 50V 0.1pF SMT0402 NPO C1005NPO109BGT DARFON FOR GSM LR","10","3780",3770
57,"10-51315-01","MO-CAP 1uF 16V 20% SMT0603 X5R H=0.90mm(MAX) CM105X5R105M16AT AVX/KYOCERA LR","90","8050",7960
58,"10-51316-01","MO-CAP 4.7uF 6.3V 10% SMT0603 X5R H=0.90mm(MAX) CM105X5R475K06AT AVX/KYOCERA LR","50","0",-50
,"10-51327-03","* OldPn 10-51316-01 *","0","0",0
60,"10-51351-01","MO-CAP 0.2pF 50V 0.25pF SMT0603 NPO C1608NP0208CGT DARFON FOR GSM LR","10","0",590
61,"10-51359-01","MO-CAP 1.8pF 50V 0.1pF SMT0402 NPO 0402N1R8B500LT WALSIN LR","10","3865",3855
62,"10-51366-01","*MO-CAP 4.7uF 6.3V 20% SMT0402 X5R H=0.65mm(MAX) CL05A475MQ5NRNC Samsung FOR GSM","20","0",10785
63,"10-51424-02","*MO-CAP 820PF 50V 10% SMT0402 X7R C1005X7R821KGT DARFON LR","10","0",-10
64,"10-51475-02","*MO-CAP 0.01uF 50V ±10% SMT0603 X7R C1608X7R103KGT DARFON LR","10","90",3311
65,"10-51479-02","*MO-CAP 47pF 50V 5% SMT0402 NPO C1005NP0470JGT DARFON LR","90","1483",4795
,"10-51480-03","* OldPn 10-51480-04 *","0","0",0
67,"10-51480-04","MO-CAP 10uF 10V +80-20% SMT0805 Y5V CM21Y5V106Z10AT AVX/KYOCERA LR","110","0",-107
68,"10-51495-02","*MO-CAP 0.01uF 16V 10% SMT0402 X7R C1005X7R103KET DARFON LR","100","1898",2538
69,"10-52804-02","MO-CAP 10pF 50V 5% SMT0402 NPO C1005NPO100JGT DARFON LR","70","1429",1359
,"10-52819-07","* OldPn 10-51315-01 *","0","0",0
71,"10-52820-02","MO-CAP 33nF 16V 10% SMT0402 X7R C1005X7R333KET DARFON LR","10","0",2797
72,"10-52823-02","MO-CAP 27pF 50V 5% SMT0402 NPO C1005NPO270JGT DARFON LR","10","3835",3988
73,"10-52831-02","MO-CAP 4.7pF 50V ±0.25pF SMT0402 NPO C1005NPO4R7CGT DARFON LR","20","0",8109
74,"10-52833-05","MO-CAP 15pF 50V 5% SMT0402 NPO C1005NPO150JGT DARFON LR","20","0",-20
75,"10-52838-02","MO-CAP 2200pF 50V 10% SMT0402 X7R 0402B222K500CT WALSIN LR","10","3417",3407
76,"10-52839-05","MO-CAP 4.7uF 10V ±10% SMT0805 X5R AVXCM21X5R475K10AT AVX LR","30","0",-30
,"10-52843-05","* OldPn 10-52843-06 *","0","0",0
78,"10-52843-06","MO-CAP 1uF 6.3V 10% SMT0402 X5R CM05X5R105K06AH KYOCERA FOR GSM LR","350","0",-350
,"10-52843-09","* OldPn 10-52843-06 *","0","0",0
80,"10-52845-03","MO-CAP 33pF 50V 5% SMT0402 NPO C1005NPO330JGT DARFON LR","40","690",650
81,"10-52848-03","MO-CAP 0.1uF 10V 10% SMT0402 X7R C1005X7R104KDT DARFON LR","660","0",2294
82,"10-52850-04","*MO-CAP 47uF 6.3V 20% SMT1206 X5R H=1.6mm CM316X5R476M06AT AVX/KYOCERA LR","10","740",1200
83,"10-52864-01","MO-CAP 22pF 50V 5% SMT0402 NPO C1005NP0220JGT DARFON LR","180","0",-180
84,"10-52865-02","MO-CAP 220pF 50V 5% SMT0402 NPO C1005NP0221JGT DARFON LR","10","0",-10
85,"10-52867-01","MO-CAP 18pF 50V 5% SMT0402 NPO C1005NP0180JGT DARFON LR","40","5755",5715
86,"10-52912-02","MO-CAP 470pF 50V 10% SMT 0402 X7R C1005X7R471KGT DARFON LR","20","151",131
87,"10-52959-03","MO-CAP 680pF 50V ±10% SMT0402 X7R C1005X7R681KGT DARFON LR","10","1636",5904
88,"10-52994-02","MO-CAP 8.2pF 50V ±0.5pF SMT0402 NPO C1005NP0829DGT DARFON LR","20","0",-20
89,"10-90031-01","VARISTOR 330P 5.6V 30~50% SMT0402 KEV040205331A KARMAX FOR GSM LR","30","0",4955
90,"11-12693-01","*RES 22? 5% 1/16W SMT0402 RTT02220JTH RALEC LR","20","3371",4307
91,"11-12932-02","*RES 59K? 1% 1/16W SMT0402 RTT025902FTH RALEC LR","10","3327",3317
92,"11-12964-02","*RES 14K? 1% 1/16W SMT0402 RTT021402FTH RALEC LR","10","555",3441
93,"11-13002-01","*RES 6.8? 1% 1/16W SMT0402 RTT026R80FTH RALEC LR","10","1158",1148
,"11-13002-03","* OldPn 11-13002-01 *","0","0",0
95,"11-13093-01","*RES 33? 1% 1/16W SMT0402 RTT0233R0FTH RALEC LR","30","10050",13433
96,"11-13143-01","*RES 5.1M? 5% 1/16W SMT0402 RTT02515JTH RALEC LR","10","3349",3339
97,"11-13226-01","*RES 432k? 1% 1/16W SMT0402 RTT024323FTH RALEC LR","10","3410",3400
98,"11-14294-03","*RES 0? 5% 1/16W SMT0402 RTT02000JTH RALEC LR","550","0",7394
99,"11-14297-04","*RES 10K? 5% 1/16W SMT0402 RTT02103JTH RALEC LR","350","260",8976
100,"11-14334-01","*RES 1K? 5% 1/16W SMT0402 RTT02102JTH RALEC LR","30","1884",1854
101,"11-14548-01","*RES 100? 5% 1/16W SMT0402 RTT02101JTH RALEC LR","10","11921",11911
102,"11-14550-01","*RES 470? 5% 1/16W SMT0402 RTT02471JTH RALEC LR","20","324",304
103,"11-14552-01","*RES 15K? 5% 1/16W SMT0402 RTT02153JTH RALEC LR","20","1736",7946
104,"11-14554-01","*RES 10? 5% 1/16W SMT0402 RTT02100JTH RALEC LR","20","6974",6954
105,"11-14560-01","*RES 2.2K? 5% 1/16W SMT0402 RTT02222JTH RALEC LR","30","0",8654
106,"11-14587-01","*RES 75? 1% 1/16W SMT0402 RTT0275R0FTH RALEC LR","60","0",6371
107,"11-14588-01","*RES 220K? 5% 1/16W SMT0402 RTT02224JTH RALEC LR","20","9107",11845
108,"11-14619-01","*RES 39K? 1% 1/16W SMT0402 RTT023902FTH RALEC LR","10","0",-10
109,"11-14638-01","*RES 20K? 1% 1/16W SMT0402 RTT022002FTH RALEC LR","40","0",4330
110,"11-14645-02","*RES 100K? 5% 1/16W SMT0402 RTT02104JTH RALEC LR","330","0",7374
111,"11-14651-02","*RES 220? 5% 1/16W SMT0402 RTT02221JTH RALEC LR","40","0",-40
112,"11-14654-02","*RES 47K? 5% 1/16W SMT0402 RTT02473JTH RALEC LR","10","0",-10
113,"11-14681-01","*RES 100K? 1% 1/16W SMT0402 RTT021003FTH RALEC LR","20","10050",11322
114,"11-14698-02","RES 5.6K? 5% 1/16W SMT 0402 RTT02562JTH RALEC LR","20","10000",15329
115,"11-14700-02","RES 12.4K? 1% 1/16W SMT0402 RTT021242FTH RALEC LR","10","0",-10
116,"11-14735-01","RES 33K? 5% 1/16W SMT 0402 RTT02333JTH RALEC LR","20","1801",7941
117,"11-14786-04","RES 1.5K? 5% 1/16W SMT 0402 RTT02152JTH RALEC LR","10","8269",12479
118,"11-14889-02","RES 5.36K? 1% 1/16W SMT0402 RTT025361FTH RALEC LR","10","119",3305
119,"11-14985-02","RES 80.6K? 1% 1/16W SMT0402 RTT028062FTH RALEC LR","10","99",2974
120,"11-15108-03","RES 42.2? 1% 1/16W SMT0402 RTT0242R2FTH RALEC LR","10","0",12629
121,"11-20352-02","RP 1K? 5% SMT2010 1/16W 8P4R RTA02-4D102JTH RALEC LR","20","322",7565
122,"11-20361-02","*RP 33? 5% SMT2010 8P4R 1/16W RTA02-4D330JTP RALEC LR","30","8962",8932
123,"11-20369-02","RP 100K? 5% SMT2010 8P4R 1/16W RTA02-4D104JTH RALEC LR","40","8644",18012
124,"11-90139-01","VAR-RES 150pF 9V 30~50% SMT0402 KEV040209151A KARMAX FOR GSM LR","120","0",24224
,"11-90139-02","* OldPn 11-90139-01 *","0","0",0
126,"12-00947-02","*INDUCTOR 4.7nH ±0.1nH 160mA SMT0402 LQP15MN4N7B02 MURATA FOR ESD LR","10","0",6970
127,"12-01960-01","INDUCTOR 10nH 5% 250mA SMT0402 HI1005-1C10NJMT ACX FOR GSM LR","20","0",2319
,"12-01960-02","* OldPn 12-01960-01 *","0","0",0
129,"12-01961-01","INDUCTOR 15nH 5% 250mA SMT0402 HI1005-1C15NJMT ACX FOR GSM LR","10","1600",5837
,"12-01961-02","* OldPn 12-01961-01 *","0","0",0
131,"12-01962-01","INDUCTOR 3.9nH 0.3nH 300mA SMT0402 HI1005-1C3N9SMT ACX FOR GSM LR","20","11873",11853
,"12-01962-02","* OldPn 12-01962-01 *","0","0",0
133,"12-01963-01","INDUCTOR 4.7nH 0.3nH 300mA SMT0402 HI1005-1C4N7SMT ACX FOR GSM LR","20","11940",11920
,"12-01963-02","* OldPn 12-01963-01 *","0","0",0
135,"12-01999-01","INDUCTOR 39nH 5% 150mA SMT0402 HI1005-1C39NJMT ACX FOR GSM LR","20","120",100
,"12-01999-02","* OldPn 12-01999-01 *","0","0",4120
137,"12-02046-01","INDUCTOR 7.5nH 5% 250mA SMT0402 HI1005-1C7N5JMT ACX FOR GSM LR","20","6138",11780
,"12-02046-02","* OldPn 12-02046-01 *","0","0",0
139,"12-02073-01","COMMON-MODE CHOKE 1000?±25% 5V 500mA SMT1.23*1.0*0.5mm EXC24CB102U PANASONIC F","40","0",2902
140,"12-02108-01","INDUCTOR 3.9nH 0.3nH 600mA SMT0603 HI1608-1C3N9SNT ACX FOR GSM LR","10","0",-10
,"12-02108-02","* OldPn 12-02108-01 *","0","0",820
142,"12-02118-01","INDUCTOR 2.2uH 10% 2.52MHZ 1.6A SMT1210 PLL322512F2R2K SUBARU FOR GSM LR","20","0",160
143,"12-02119-01","INDUCTOR 6.2nH ±0.1nH 130mA SMT0402 LQP15MN6N2B02 MURATA FOR GSM LR","10","0",8412
144,"12-02129-02","INDUCTOR 27nH 5% 300mA SMT0402 HCI-1005F-27NJ-M TAI-TECH LR","10","0",10790
145,"12-02133-01","INDUCTOR 2.2uH 10% 7.96MHZ 800mA SMT0805 PLL201212F2R2K SUBARU FOR GSM LR","10","0",-10
146,"12-02134-01","INDUCTOR 4.7uH 10% 7.96MHZ 560mA SMT0805 PLL201212F4R7K SUBARU FOR GSM LR","20","0",1913
,"20-25279-00","* OldPn 20-25279-01 *","0","0",0
148,"20-25279-01","CON MURATA MM8430-2610RB3 SMD RF TEST PORT height=1.75mm FOR GSM LR","20","0",-20
149,"20-25373-00","CON HRS FH23-39S-0.3SHW(05) SMD 39PIN P=0.3 H=1.25mm FPC FOR GSM LR","20","0",-20
150,"20-25374-00","CON HRS U.FL-R-SMT-1(10) SMD 3.1*3*1.25mm GPS INT ANTENNA SWITCH FOR GSM LR","10","0",-10
151,"20-25378-00","CON PPR06-023104 SMD POGO PIN SPEAKER FOR GSM LR","10","0",-10
152,"20-25379-00","CON NUCONN JAR02-062101 SMD 6PIN P=3.7 H=3.3mm EAR PHONE JACK LR","10","0",-10
153,"20-25407-00","CON OCTEK BTP-03JA4G SMD BATT 3PIN P=3.1 H=7.4MM FOR GSM LR","10","0",-10
154,"20-25455-00","CON CMK A425-206162-001 SMD MINI USB 5PIN B TYPE FOR GSM LR","10","8009",7999
156,"20-25555-01","CON BOARD TO BOARD-F GOLD FLASH SMD MH=2.0mm 2ROW 18PIN 0.5mm 0° FOR 20-25556 A","10","0",-10
157,"20-25556-01","CON BOARD TO BOARD-M GOLD FLASH SMT MH=2.0mm 2ROW 18PIN 0.5mm 0° FOR 20-25555 A","10","0",-10
158,"20-25560-00","CON SMSN16-J0-2214 SMD MINI CARD 8 P=0.5 FOR GSM LR","10","0",-10
159,"21-10645-00","SWITCH 4.7*3.5*1.6 SIDE PUSH SMT TYPE 4 PIN EVQPUD02K PANASONIC FOE GSM LR","20","0",3484
160,"21-20912-00","MICROPHONE -42dB+-3dB 4*1.3mm 2V 0.5mA GTA01B IMP-413TN IMPERIAL ELECTRONICS FOR","10","0",-10
,"21-20912-01","* OldPn 21-20912-00 *","0","0",0
,"21-20956-00","* OldPn 21-20912-00 *","0","0",1276
163,"21-30179-01","FILTER 942.5MHz QCS5C 5PIN B7820 EPCOS FOR GSM LR","10","0",-10
164,"21-30180-01","FILTER 1842.5MHz QCS5C 5PIN B7821 EPCOS FOR GSM LR","10","0",-10
165,"21-30181-01","FILTER 1960MHz QCS5C 5PIN B7825 EPCOS FOR GSM LR","10","0",-10
166,"21-30190-01","FILTER SAW 1575.42MHz SMT2.0*1.4*0.68mm 5PIN B7840 EPCOS FOR GSM LR","10","333",8453
167,"21-30208-01","FILTER 50MA 25V 400MHZ SMT2012 10PIN FA2012-KR40PAA ACX FOR GSM LR","60","708",1423
168,"21-30227-01","FILTER DBF 2.4GHz IL=2.5dB VSWR=2.0 SMT1008 4PIN BF2520-B2R4CAB/LF ACX FOR GSM L","10","1990",1980
,"21-30227-02","* OldPn 21-30227-01 *","0","0",392
,"21-30236-00","* OldPn 21-30208-01 *","0","0",5693
171,"21-41082-01","X'TAL 12MHz SMT4*2.5*0.63mm 4PIN 20pF 30ppm TAS4025A-12MHz UNIFIRST FOR GSM LR","10","223",1236
172,"21-41094-01","X'TAL 32.768KHz SMT2PIN 12.5pF 30ppm MS2V-T1S Micro Crystal FOR GSM LR","30","2870",2840
173,"21-41100-01","X'TAL 26MHz SMT3.2*2.5*0.7mm 4PIN 7.36pF 10ppm W-168-405 NDK FOR GSM LR","10","875",1143
174,"21-41117-01","X'TAL 32.768KHz 12.5pF ±20PPM 2PIN SMT3.2*1.5*0.9mm CC7V-T1A 32.768kHz12.5pF+/-","10","0",10392
175,"21-41118-01","OSC 23.104MHz SMT 3.3*2.74*1.16mm 4PIN 10PF ±0.5PPM IT3205BE RAKON FOR GSM LR","10","0",-10
,"21-41118-02","* OldPn 21-41118-01 *","0","3739",3739
177,"21-90813-05","FER-BEAD 600? 800mA SMT0603 KLB0603K601SA KARMAX ROR GSM LR","50","0",-50
,"21-91160-02","* OldPn 21-91160-05 *","0","309",1509
179,"21-91160-05","FER-BEAD 600?±25% 100MHz 200mA SMT0402 MCB1005S601EA ETRONIC FOR GSM LR","30","0",-30
,"21-92379-02","* OldPn 21-90813-05 *","0","0",2210
181,"21-92534-01","ANTENNA For GSM(850/900)/DCS/PCS 35dBm 2.6V SMT4.5*3.5*1.6mm 14PIN ASM4532T0P06-","10","6367",6357
182,"21-92552-01","ATTENUATOR RF 50? 3dB 100mW SMT1*1*0.35mm 4PIN RAC101A3CTH KAMAYA FOR GSM LR","20","2873",2853
,"21-92552-02","* OldPn 21-92552-01 *","0","0",6617
184,"21-92586-02","FER-BEAD 1000?±25% 100MHZ 250mA SMT0402 BLM15HD102SN1 MURATA FOR GSM LR","20","1003",6776
185,"21-92599-01","BATTERY RTC 3V 0.14mh HB414 IV01E SEIKO FOR GSM ONLY LR","10","4000",8961
187,"21-92653-01","LED Ultra Bright Red ?p=636nm SMT 3.2*1.5*1.0mm 2PIN HT-110USD5 HARVATEK FOR G","10","3000",4253
188,"21-92654-01","LED Ultra Bright Amber/Blue ?p=609/468nm SMT 3.2*1.0*1.5mm 3PIN HT-210UD/NB HAR","10","0",1246
190,"24-46574-00","CASE GTC01 CGC SHIELDING RF FRAME LR","10","2079",2069
191,"24-46575-00","CASE GTC01 CGC SHIELDING RF COVER LR","10","417",407
192,"24-46576-00","CASE GTA01 CGC SHIELDING GPS 92-354 FOR GSM LR","10","2075",2065
193,"24-46824-00","CASE GTA01B CGC BLUE TOOTH PLATE 34*8*1mm SUS304 1/2H FOR GSM LR","10","1845",1835
194,"24-46865-00","CASE GTA01B CGC SHIELDING BB FRAME 92-568 FOR GSM USE LR","10","2188",2178
195,"24-46866-00","CASE GTA01B CGC SHIELDING BB COVER 92-569 FOR GSM LR","10","10",0
196,"24-46873-00","CASE GTA02 CGC SHIELDING WIFI FOR GSM LR","10","155",145
,"24-46916-01","* OldPn 24-46866-00 *","0","5153",5153
,"24-46995-00","* OldPn 24-46575-00 *","0","4870",4870
199,"24-87711-00","SPONGE GTC01 ?? MAIN LCD BACK MT'L:PORON H-48 WITH 2 SIDE GLUE BLACK FOR GSM L","11","6433",6422
200,"24-87712-00","FABRIC GTC01 ?? CONDUCTIVE LCM 10*10 FOR GSM LR","40","24468",24428
201,"24-88065-00","TAPE GTA01B KI BLUE TOOTH CONDUCTIVE DOUBLE SIDE 32*8*0.09mm FOR GSM LR","20","12326",12306
202,"24-88328-01","TAPE GTA GTA02 WIFI ?? DOUBLE SIDE CONDUCTIVE 7x14mm FOR GSM LR","10","6088",6078
203,"24-88522-00","MYLAR GTA02 FU MAO BULETOOTH 20*6T=0.15 FOR GSM LR","20","12300",12280
204,"24-88627-00","SPONGE GTA02 GLINK TAPE TESA 4972 SIZE:12*71*0.05mm FOR GSM LR","10","6127",6117
205,"25-41676-60","LABEL FRIABLE LE4n BIRCH+ (HWAKUAN) LR","20","7160",7140
206,"50-71427-01","BARE GSM-B GTA02 WLAN BOARD VER:A2 BTI FOR GSM LR","10","6056",6046
207,"50-71475-02","BARE GSM-B GTA02 BLUETOOTH BOARD VER:A1.2 MKS FOR GSM LR","10","3120",3110
208,"50-71481-01","*BARE GSM-B GTA02 MAIN BOARD VER:A7 OPENMOKO BTI LR","10","3101",3091
209,"51-40363-01","BLUETOOTH MODULE V2.0+EDR DFBM-CS320-FI1R 50? INTERFACE USB SMT 36PIN DELTA FOR","10","6430",6420
210,"51-41997-01","*WLAN 802.11b/g SiP-M WM3236AQ(Flash Ver:Atheros AR6001GZ) SMT QFN 48PIN FOR ACC","10","3210",3200
211,"56-11086-01","LCD ASSY TFT 2.8" 480*640 TD028TTEC1 TOPPOLY FOR GSM LR","10","0",-8

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