[gta02-core] SAMSUNG - possible project - help needed

David Lanzendörfer david.lanzendoerfer at o2s.ch
Sat Jun 26 16:15:18 CEST 2010

Hello list

Some of you know me perhaps as leviathan.
I'm mailing to this list in behalf of my company to inform you, that we plan to offer a project to Samsung, which would also involve all kind of developers.

The idea is to pilot a new Openmoko like platform, based on SAMSUNG-Omnia.
The plan is to provide full hardware support by the upstream kernel, and a full SHR-userspace on the shipped phone.
The target customers will be business employees, but also private users.
So we need a realistic business model and also a realistic design.

My company is willed to invest some money into the project.
But for successing we will need the cooperation of engineers, who has already worked on OpenMoko and who are familiar with common problems in this area.

In order to accomplish this, we would need some informations
and your precious knowledge acquired during the Openmoko project
What is your suggestion for this feature list?
Components proposition would be very nice.

You can interprete this propositions as realistic wishlist, I will put into a block diagramm, which will be shown in a presentation around next week.
I hope they will buy the idea, and give feedback soon.
If everything goes well, selected developers (people I know, they will really do development) will recieve prototypes for starting writing the drivers and modify'n the userspace.

Here are the required hardware features:
	- GPS
	- RAM
	- CPU
	- SD-card
	- Touchscreen
	- Wifi
	- Bluetooth

[* I'm not using it, but its requested ;-)]
And the required software features:
	- Exchange synchronisation *
	- Outlook synchronisation *
	- Handy Calendar

I know, that you will ask, why they should start developing on another platform while they're already working on BADA and Linux/EFL.
The answer is simple: Contacts.
And this email is just for preparation for a presentation on a meeting with some important managers, who's names I'm not allowed to tell on a public mailing list. (Privacy)
In fact there is not guaranty yet, that they will buy the project.

with the best regards
        David Lanzendöfer (aka. leviathan)
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