[gta02-core] SAMSUNG - possible project - help needed

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Sat Jun 26 18:07:51 CEST 2010

David Lanzend?rfer wrote:
> The idea is to pilot a new Openmoko like platform, based on SAMSUNG-Omnia.

Sounds good. What exactly do you plan to reuse ? Selected components ?
Most of the circuit ? Case ? ...

> The plan is to provide full hardware support by the upstream kernel, and
> a full SHR-userspace on the shipped phone.

Sounds even better :-)

> The target customers will be business employees, but also private users.
> So we need a realistic business model and also a realistic design.

Yup, both help :)

> What is your suggestion for this feature list?
> Components proposition would be very nice.

Since you'll build on the Omnia, perhaps the component list should
start with the components you must/intend to reuse from the existing
design ?

> Here are the required hardware features:
> 	- SD-card

uSD ? (Or does anyone still use full-sized SD ?)

> 	- Touchscreen

Resistive, capacitative, undecided ?

You didn't mention the LCM. Also, how about buttons ? Camera ?

What about internal NAND ? Would you have some and if yes, for what
would you use it ? In particular, from what media would the system
boot ?

Then there is connectivity. I.e., analog audio, what type of USB,
serial console, maybe JTAG. The latter two are for development
only, and you may be able to do without JTAG if the system can
boot directly from uSD.

For external connectors, there's the question of how much you can
depart from the existing case designs Samsung have. E.g., most
people prefer a 3.5 mm audio jack over anything else. I don't know
what the Omnias use. For USB, USB-IF want people to use micro-USB,
yet mini-USB is still a lot more popular.

What level of openness do you aim for with the various components ?
Sources with developers under NDA ? Publicly available data
sheets ?

I think Raster has worked with Samsung on a smilar kind of project
recently, so you may want to ask him for suggestions.

- Werner

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