[gta02-core] A new hardware

Dave Ball openmoko at underhand.org
Tue Mar 9 23:16:55 CET 2010

Hi Muthu,

Short answer:
It depends how many you intend to build!

Slightly longer answer:
Openmoko released lots of data about the freerunner (schematics, CAD 
files etc.), but not all the parts needed for derivative manufacture 
(BOM, Gerbers etc.).  Following their decision to stop making phones, we 
(gta02-core) have started producing fully open designs for a minor 
improvement of the gta02-a7 hardware.

This design is not yet complete, but with some small changes could 
possibly deliver what you're after.  Many parts used in the gta02 design 
are now difficult to source - such as the cpu and GSM chipset. Our 
project is based around the kind donation from openmoko of some 
remaining parts from their production run, and other parts we can source 
in one-off quantities.  To produce more than the 20 we hope to build 
will likely mean upgrading some components to devices that can be easily 
sourced in the needed quantities, but this could then result in an 
improved device you could mass produce.

Our project does not include improving the freerunner case - we don't 
have the resources to change the case ourselves, but that wouldn't stop 
you doing so yourself.

It sounds as though GTA02-core could certainly provide a good starting 
point for you.  What time frame and manufacture scale are you considering?


Muthu Subramanian K wrote:
> Hi,
>     Try asking on the gta02-core list as this isn't far from what
>     they're working
>     on. A lot will depend on how many you're looking to make.
> We are looking at simple modifications to gta02(a7) like with/without 
> wifi/gps/...and the touch screen improvement (it isn't accessible at 
> the sides - flat type rather than "inside" type).
> I have attached relevant history to this mail for gta02-core...
> Thanks!
> Muthu Subramanian
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> Hi,
> We were looking at similar markets in India. Can somebody tell us how much
> practically possible is it to manufacture (build) freerunner (replica or
> with modifications/improvements) with the current open documentation
> available (specifically hardware) from the downloads?
> We have good software and marketing team but are yet to build a hardware
> team - before which we were looking at the possibilities of building the
> phone in India (outsourced/in house).
> We would appreciate any kind of help/advice/direction/suggestion/... 
> in this
> regard.
> Thank you!
> Muthu Subramanian

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