[gta02-core] A new hardware

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Thu Mar 11 13:40:59 CET 2010

Muthu Subramanian K wrote:
> > We are looking at simple modifications to gta02(a7) like with/without
> wifi/gps/...and the touch screen improvement (it isn't accessible at the
> sides - flat type rather than "inside" type).

Dave already summed up the most important aspects. gta02-core builds
upon the GTA02 design, improving a number of areas where GTA02 had
design flaws or was unnecessarily complex. It also replaces the aging
GSM subsystem with a more up to date module (still GSM, though.)

However, gta02-core isn't meant to be suitable for a mass-produced
device. First of all, some subsystems are obsolete, meaning that they
are no longer supported by the manufacturer, that chips may be
difficult to source, or that they deliver performance that is clearly
sub-standard even for a product that isn't overly ambitious.

The good news is that there are upgrade paths for these subsystems.
All it takes to make these upgrades happen is a bit of engineering
and financial resources.

The case design would certainly need an overhaul, e.g., to make it
generally less bulky and to avoid the large pockets of "embedded air"
the GTA02 features. Improving the bezel/rim around the LCM would be
part of this.

The gta02-core design, once successfully prototypes, would be a better
basis for future development than the original GTA02. Not only does it
solve a number of problems of GTA02 that one would want to address
anyway, but it also uses an open design process, so you're not tied to
proprietary tools and engineering decisions are better documented.

- Werner

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