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Patryk Benderz Patryk.Benderz at esp.pl
Fri Mar 26 08:31:09 CET 2010

Dnia 2010-03-25, czw o godzinie 17:11 -0300, Werner Almesberger pisze:
> About a year ago, over on the Gta03 list, there was considerable
> discussion on forms of organization for an entity to run a more
> community-oriented effort towards making the next phone.
> Nothing concrete came out of this, but we identified some areas
> where such an entity would be useful. One of them was the
> handling of finances, particularly donations.
do you maybe remember subject of this post, or have a link to archives?
Maybe someone would like to refresh memory or just read it?

> Now, gta02-core has been offered donations in the past, and more
> recently. So far, I haven't acted on these offers, and this isn't
> nice.
Let's hope these offers are still actual :)

> One reason for me dithering is that I don't have any experience
> with handling transactions on behalf of an organization, and I'm
> a bit concerned that this may cause difficulties with the taxman,
> particularly given how such things go in Argentina.
Hi again,
	IMHO best option would be to set up such organization somewhere in EU.
This way you can have potential market, consisting of countries which do
not charge you additional taxes because of importing of this devices.
	Additionally AFAIK many (or maybe most) of GTA developers originate
from EU countries. All others - please do not take offence - this is
information I have read on one of FR mailing lists some time ago.

> The most correct thing to do would probably for me to set up an
> NGO here in Argentina, then open an account in the name of that
> NGO, and handle the transfers through this account. I would
> expect all this to take a lot of time and running around.
If someone step up to take responsibilities of "cashier", do you mind if
he/she chooses different country? 

> Worse yet, international transactions out of an account in
> Argentina can be subject to quite a bit of bureaucracy even under
> the best of circumstances, so that would be a further obstacle.
That is next argument to set up such NGO somewhere in EU.

> For these reasons, I would prefer if someone who has some
> experience with this kind of things and their dos and donts would
> take care of the finances of the project. This would involve
> receiving donations, payment for prototypes, and making payments
> for component orders.
would be great if such a person is also skilled in tax related and
business related activities, and finally contacting with government
officials. Or maybe three person?

> If nobody steps up, I'll do it myself, but this is a task I'd
> much rather see in the hands of someone who knows what he or she
> is doing.
I also think this should be done by someone with proper background - you
already have done so much for the project.

	One more came up my mind. Selection of country and type of NGo should
be correlated. I mean, in different countries, there are different types
of NGOs. All countries/NGOs have their pros and cons. For instance one
type of NGO makes you less responsible in terms of giving your own money
in case of being unable to pay invoices (like limited liability company)
which is virtue, but on the other hand some of NGO's makes you
responsible to make some monthly reports, which adds more work and is a
	Thus these choices should be done carefully and be consulted with those
with appropriate knowledge. Maybe we should look for help with making
these decisions, on related news groups?
	Just my 2 cents.

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