[gta02-core] WM3236AQ (was Re: components to research)

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Sat Mar 27 03:24:38 CET 2010

Al Johnson wrote:
> They also claim they are "software compatible to each other for customers' 
> easy upgrade" so it might be a genuine drop-in replacement.

Straight from the horse's mouth [1]:

| This new series of Atheros mobile Wi-Fi solutions [ the AR6002 ]
| is software-compatible with the first-generation, AR6001 [...]

[1] http://www.atheros.com/news/AR6002.htm

Now, as far as I remember, the AR6002 keeps the firmware in RAM,
not in Flash, and thus requires the host to load it after each
bringup. So the drivers cannot be identical.

I don't know how similar the rest of the protocol is, though.
Some postings by Luis to linux-wireless suggest that is would make
sense to share driver code between AR6001 and AR9271, so also the
AR6002 might be close.

- Werner

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