new Symbol WLAN Connector, Socket and Header

Rene Harder rehar at
Wed Jun 3 22:14:26 CEST 2009


more symbols for review.

CON7901: AXK5F18547YG, WLAN connector (Socket)

CON7802: AXK6F18347YG, WLAN connector Daughter board (Header)
same as Socket, pin direction swapped.

The GTA02 schematics are quite confusing regarding the signal directions.
for example: PIN BT_ACTIVE on the main PCB direction is Output , however
on the Daughter board direction Output as well. So where is the signal

I tried to find more answers in the data sheets of the WLAN modules but
unfortunately the information in the data sheets are quite simple.  (no
pin description at all)
Does anyone know, where we can find more detail informations about these
modules. I guess we'll need them anyway later on.


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