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Forwarded from the "hardware" list. It's about
and gta02-core in general.

- Werner

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Date: Fri, 5 Jun 2009 14:00:29 +0100
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Subject: Re: schematics in PDF form?

Hi  Werner,
Can I ask, what format this is in?  I'm presuming GZIP , but I'm struggling
to open it.

Is there any document about what the plan is for the new board?  Based on
which existing hardware, improvements to be made, etc.

What is the thinking about using different chips, for example the power
management or audio section?
Would it be preferable to stick to the existing chips due to existing
software/driver implementation or, if there is a justifiable reason, would
the group be prepared to change?

I presume cost is an issue, since I believe the project isn't funded
commercially . I would guess then that a motivating factor would be lower
cost devices.

Do you struggle to obtain components, when it comes time for manufacture,
and so is another issue, ease of sourcing of components?  Some parts have
minimum order quantities, or are only available on large reels.

Sorry for all the questions - but I think they're important to know, when
the product is developed.


2009/6/5 Werner Almesberger <werner at openmoko.org>

> Hadyn van der Berg wrote:
> > > Yes, the new board that's still in development.
> We haven't started the schematics yet. I agree, easy access to the
> material is important. It sometimes only takes seconds to spot a bug.
> It would be foolish to make people waste these precious seconds
> wrestling with installation tasks instead.
> So ... of course there's something more easily accessible :-) This is
> the collection of our circuit symbols, minus a few from the last few
> days that I still have to add:
> http://people.openmoko.org/werner/gta02-core/gta02-core-expanded-all.ps.gz
> There are a few anomalies like odd text locations and a few missing
> pin numbers, which are caused by the printing process. I hope to get
> rid of these over the next few days.
> We don't have PDF at the moment, due to problems with the library
> providing the printing functions.
> Also, the pin type is printed next to the each pin. That's to help
> review. When the symbols are used in real schematics, this pin type
> isn't visible.
> Hardware design experience is just what we need. So, welcome ! :)
> - Werner

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