schematics in PDF form?

Werner Almesberger werner at
Fri Jun 5 16:18:17 CEST 2009

Hadyn van der Berg wrote:
> Can I ask, what format this is in?  I'm presuming GZIP , but I'm struggling
> to open it.

It's gzip'ed Postscript. Viewers like "gv" can open it directly.
If your Postscript viewer doesn't uncompress on the fly, you have
to gunzip it first, yes.

> Is there any document about what the plan is for the new board?  Based on
> which existing hardware, improvements to be made, etc.

It's basically a GTA02v7 with some relatively small improvements.
The biggest one is removal of the Glamo. Details are here:

The goal of this project is not to make the next great phone, but
to open the hardware development process. Therefore, we do this
with a well-known design so that we can focus on the process and
don't have to solve too many problems at the same time.

Also, Openmoko Inc. has generously offered to donate some GTA02
components, which will solve the sourcing problem. And this is
one more reason for staying very close to the GTA02 design.

The output of gta02-core will only be a few prototypes. The
number will be largely determined by how many components we can
get from Openmoko Inc. and also how many people will be interested
in having such a prototype.

Having said all this, gta02-core should only be the first step
towards a real product. I can envision many improvements and even
quite radical changes that could be made based on the experience
we gather with gta02-core and the tools we develop for it. Also,
having completed a successful prototype run will give us more
credibility for follow-on projects, which will help with sourcing.

- Werner

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