Andre's SC32442 review

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sun Jun 7 00:37:45 CEST 2009

Andre just completed his review of the SC32442. A big round of
applause, please !

He found several more inconsistencies in pin naming. The most vicious
one was that the ball table 1-1 of the Samsung manual called
VD16/GPD8/SPIMOSI1 is actually VD16/GPD8/SPIMISO1.

We also renamed the file containing the symbol from s3c2442.lib to
sc32442.lib. Samsung almost consistently refer to the actual SoC
(that's the ARM core plus the peripherals, UART, SPI, memory bus,
etc.) as S3C2442 and to the MCP (Multi-Chip-Package) of SoC plus
stacked memory as SC32442.

As far as the symbol is concerned, the MCP has all the pins of the
SoC, plus the nCE and nWP pins from the stacked NAND. So SC32442
is the correct name for the symbol.

When referring informally to the chip, calling it "S3C2442", "2442",
or even just "CPU" should be fine.

Thanks !

- Werner

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