Andre's SC32442 review

Rene Harder rehar at
Sun Jun 7 19:22:12 CEST 2009

Great job!
Many thanks to Andre.


Werner Almesberger wrote:
> Andre just completed his review of the SC32442. A big round of
> applause, please !
> He found several more inconsistencies in pin naming. The most vicious
> one was that the ball table 1-1 of the Samsung manual called
> VD16/GPD8/SPIMOSI1 is actually VD16/GPD8/SPIMISO1.
> We also renamed the file containing the symbol from s3c2442.lib to
> sc32442.lib. Samsung almost consistently refer to the actual SoC
> (that's the ARM core plus the peripherals, UART, SPI, memory bus,
> etc.) as S3C2442 and to the MCP (Multi-Chip-Package) of SoC plus
> stacked memory as SC32442.
> As far as the symbol is concerned, the MCP has all the pins of the
> SoC, plus the nCE and nWP pins from the stacked NAND. So SC32442
> is the correct name for the symbol.
> When referring informally to the chip, calling it "S3C2442", "2442",
> or even just "CPU" should be fine.
> Thanks !
> - Werner
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