more missing symbols!

Rene Harder rehar at
Sun Jun 7 20:45:19 CEST 2009

Hi folks,

I just looked through the schematics and found more missing components,
most of them are minor parts and GPS or WLAN related.

U7606        RF Switch for internal/external GPS antenna
                   (if we get rid of the external antenna connector, I
think we
                   don't need this switch anymore)
U7605        Current monitor for external  GPS antenna
U7608        GPS chipset
CON7601   Connector internal GPS Antenna module
CON7602   Connector external GPS Antenna
U7801        WLAN Module
U4401        Logic Level Translator
CON7801   WLAN antenna connector/switch
U7802        Filter 2.4GHz
U4101        audio power amplifier


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