New list: gta02-core

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sun Jun 7 22:47:41 CEST 2009

[ Cross-posted to the community list, since there's been a lot of
  discussion about future projects as well. ]

A few people have voiced discomfort with the gta02-core project
dominating the gta03 list, and I have to admit that having us
squat there was more an act of opportunity than a good choice.

So please welcome the brand-new list dedicated solely to the
gta02-core project:

The gta02-core project aims to create and test an open prototype
development process for phones using the design of the Openmoko
GTA02 "FreeRunner". 
This will not be the "next big open phone", but it should provide a
basis for making the hardware of one, using a development process
that is as open as we've come to expect from Free Software.

Please send new postings related to gta02-core only to the new
list, and copy replies to gta02-core-related postings on other
list to both lists, until the current threads all have moved.

- Werner

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