Project schedule

Werner Almesberger werner at
Fri Jun 12 09:14:50 CEST 2009

Ron K. Jeffries wrote:
> As an interested observer, is it fair to ask if this project has a
> rough schedule of the work?

Yeah, and it changes every day ;-)

My rough estimate is as follows:

Week of June 15:
- Schematics (I hope we can parallelize this)
- Footprint editor

Week of June 22:
- Schematics review
- Footprint drawing starts

Week of June 29:
- Footprint drawing ends
- Footprint review starts

Week of July 6:
- Footprint review ends
- Layout starts

Week of July 13:
- Layout ends

Week of July 20:
- Layout review

Week of July 27:
- PCB production begins (possible delay: PCB factory availability)
- Kernel changes for gta02-core
  (Note: can start when schematics are done.)
- Test software resurrection starts
  (Note: can start when schematics are done.)

Week of August 3:
- PCB production ends
- Test software resurrection ends

Week of August 10:
- Verify PCB
- Book SMT

Week of August 17:
- SMT (possible delay: SMT line availability)
- Basic testing at SMT line
- Ship boards

What's missing in this list are some long-running activities that
have either already started or are in a preparatory phase:

- the on-going enhancements on KiCad,
- transfer of the components from Openmoko,
- finding a PCB maker, and
- finding an SMT line.

Ideally, the PCB maker would be near the SMT line, to avoid long
shipping delays and customs. Making the PCBs takes two weeks if
the PCB maker can start immediately. Also, an SMT slot may not
be available immediately, depending on how busy the line is. So
I'd expect at last 1-2 weeks more while we're waiting our turn.
That's extra time for the software, which will of course not be
ready on schedule :-)

PCB and SMT maker selection are items that are only ready when
they're ready. So it can cause additional delays if this search
should turn out to be more difficult than expected.

> In the current phase of moving the design to Kicad, roughly what is
> our "percent complete?"

The design phase, which is about 2/3 of the project (the other
third being production), is about 25% complete now.

- Werner

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