gta02-core component drawings (was Re: GTA02-core)

Joerg Reisenweber joerg at
Tue May 12 01:47:50 CEST 2009

Am Di  12. Mai 2009 schrieb Dave Ball:
> Werner Almesberger wrote:
> > Wonderful, thanks a lot ! I put your files into the Openmoko SVN at
> >
> Great - Thanks.
> > Regarding the repository structure, how about making one set of
> > files (.lib and .dcm) per component and merging them into a
> > library of everything by script ? I think this would make it easier
> > to keep track of changes.
> >   
> Sure, I'll split them into multiple libraries.  What's the benefit of 
> then merging them back into a library of everything?
> > I had a quick look at them. Comments in another mail. There are
> > also two items that may need a policy.
> >   
> Fab.  I was in general trying to keep the components similar to the 
> existing gta02 models, to minimise transposition mistakes when we're 
> re-creating the schematics.  That leads me to a question about the CPU - 
> you mentioned doing that as multi-part, but I wasn't sure how much it 
> makes sense to break it up.  There seems to be potentially 19 discrete 
> interfaces:
> Memory, SDRAM, NAND, DMA
> LCD, Camera, Clock, Timer
> Power
> Does it make more sense to have a 'part' for each of those 19, group 
> them as I have (mem, IO, peripherals, power), or do something 
> different?  Is there value in re-creating the part exactly as it's drawn 
> in the current GTA02 schematics to minimise silly copying errors?

I think Werner is talking about the layers of the SoC.
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