Fwd: s3c2442 component drawing

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Tue May 19 00:59:04 CEST 2009

I finally got to start reviewing it. Sorry for taking so long.

I checked for consistent naming and ball numbers with respect to
the Openmoko schematics. You mentioned that you still had a few
pin type and inversion changes, to I didn't look at these.

I must say I'm quite impressed. I only found 7 problems, almost
all of them minor. That's 98% of the balls being right on the
first try. If we can get another reviewer once the pin types
have settled as well, I think we can be reasonably sure to have
no bugs left.

Here are the bugs I found:

- EINT3/GPF3 (T26) is missing


- AF17 should be VSSQ_SDRAM, not VDDQ_SDRAM

- VDDALIVE (K5) is missing

- there is no VDDIARM (AE14). AE14 is CLKOUT1/GPH10.
  Interestingly, KiCad's pin test doesn't find that one.
  (I looked with uniq -d for more duplicates but didn't find

- rename VD13/GPD6 to VD13/GPD5

- rename VD17/GPD10/SPICLK1 to VD18/...

Also a few ideas for style improvements:

- I think it would be good to make the "D" unit a bit wider, so
  that it has the same width as the rest and also to give the
  text on the left side a bit of space from the edge.

- We have a number of EINTs that are grouped with some other
  subsystem because the pin has a secondary function from that
  subsystem. The exception to this rule are the EINT+ pins,
  which are grouped with EINT-only. I think it might be better
  to group them with their secondary functions as well.

- I think it would be nice to keep incrementing GPEx, I'd swap

- Werner

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