gta02-core vs. new case design

Werner Almesberger werner at
Tue May 19 21:16:32 CEST 2009

Someone suggested on the gta02-core Wiki page that the case design was
still open. In fact, the idea is that gta02-core used exactly the same
board shape and placement of connectors as GTA02v7. I hope we can move
Bluetooth to the main PCB, but that's a change that wouldn't affect the

However, while designing a new case is out of scope for gta02-core,
that's not to say that ideas for a new case would not be worth pursuing
in general.

If someone wants to give the GTA02 case a facelift, that could be used
as well with gta02-core boards. Possible changes that are compatible
with the GTA02 board include:

- reduce empty spaces and redress some of the corners

- reduce the thickness of the bezel

- change the mounting of the board and reduce some of the perimeter

- add spaces for extensions

- use different materials

- remove components (e.g., GPS external antenna) and adjust case

- redesign components (e.g., GSM antenna) and adjust case accordingly

Also, a "proof of concept" design prototype doesn't necessarily have to
be fully functional. E.g., if your design would need a different
battery, you can make a prototype with an external power supply. If the
big GPS antenna gets in the way but you know a smaller antenna one
could use, remove it in your prototype.

And you don't have to worry about mass-production. Obviously, a good
design would be done such that it can be mass-produced (so shapes that
cannot be separated from the mold without destroying it wouldn't be so
good), but there are many alternatives to injection molding. You could
even just mill a case out of a block of aluminium (but don't forget to
leave some spaces for plastic inserts to let the RF out :-)

- Werner

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