Fwd: s3c2442 component drawing

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Wed May 20 12:45:35 CEST 2009

I wrote:
> How about this approach: leave them where they are, but in those cases
> where a pin has more than one non-GPIO secondary function that's not in
> the same block, we put a text with the pin name at the location of the
> secondary function.

We discussed this on #gta02-core and decided to take the approach
described above. In the process, we found a few fun facts about
Samsung's pin names:

- the NYPON, YMON, and NXPON functions don't exist but in one table.
  Apparently, someone forgot to remove them when copying from the
  2410 manual.

- VD15/GPD7/nSS0 and VD14/GPD6/nSS1 have no secondary function, yet
  another anachronism

- a few pins listed GPxx as second instead of third function.
  Samsung are inconsistently inconsistent about this, so we removed
  the inconsistency.

- VD9/SPCLK1/GPD1 is just a typo in one table. It should be

Note that this leaves us with three SPICLK1 pins and only one SPICS1.
I'm not sure this is correct. However, this information is consistent
across the entire manual, and none of the closely related chips (2410,
2440, and 2443) has an arrangement that suggests a contradiction.

2440 has SPICLK1 on GPD10 and GPG7, like the 2442. GPD1 is unused
(SPICLK1 on 2442). The 2440 has no SPICSx. So I wouldn't be surprised
if GPD1 is in fact the missing SPICS1 and not SPICLK1.

Last but not least, there's now a little utility to diff Postscript
files generated by KiCad's eeschema:

When invoked with the old and the new file, it writes the difference
to standard outout. The input files have to be in black and white.
The output uses black for things that haven't changed, red for
removals, and green for additions. The comparison if page by page, so
if a page is added or removed, everything following it will appear to
have changed. If any of the input files are gzip'ed, psdiff will
unzip them on the fly.

- Werner

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