New Life in Openmoko Phones

Werner Almesberger werner at
Wed May 20 13:15:10 CEST 2009

Nils Faerber wrote:
> I also know from experience that some parts are really nasty to get -
> either you do not get them at all or you have to buy large quantaties of
> them.

Oh yes. You wouldn't believe just how often we had that sort of thing
happen to Openmoko. I've learned to treat sourcing with a healthy dose
of paranoia.

> I know at least three such companies, one beeing in my home town. For
> such a large number of different components 10-20 units will be
> *extremely* expensive.

Seems to be about EUR 200-300 for 10 units. With the PCBs costing
around EUR 200 apiece, that would be around EUR 500 for the production.
Okay, that's about what I would have guessed. Limited editions are
always a bit pricy :-)

> Those are of course just very rough numbers. It also depends on type of
> parts, how many of which type, etc. But as a first rough figure it could do.

Sure. Thanks a lot for the estimate !

> 0402 is OK - we can do this in our work-shop, but that's smallest we can
> do ;) Density is indeed another critical issue. And pitily we cannot do
> any BGA at all. What we have is the "Expert" from Essemtec:

Very nice equipment :-)

- Werner

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