TODO list - any available?

Álvaro Lopes alvieboy at
Thu May 21 20:54:22 CEST 2009

Hello all,

I decided to join your efforts :) I have some experience at DYI hardware (design, not quite manufacture) and since I'm a (proud?) owner of a GTA02 which I
actually don't use at all (many issues to be written here - most are hardware ones [or sw integration]) I decided to help you whenever possible and provided
we're focusing on the same objectives.

So far it seems most important task is to draw component schematics so they can be used on the diagram. However there seems to be no TODO list about what needs
to be done. Does anyone has such a list ?

And is there any high-level diagram depicting what you're (we're) trying to accomplish ?

The thing I most hate on GTA02 is bad power management abilities, and battery charge requirements. I had to charge by hand (read PSU+Current limiter) my battery
more than three times now, and this is something most users won't be able to do [sidenote: I was not able to charge the bat on a nokia phone either].

You also want to abandon the glamo chip. You probably already replied to my next question, but I'll ask it: why drop it (besides lack of documentation), and
which [cheap] alternatives are out there (cost, availability and power wise)

Best regards,


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