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Fri May 22 00:49:32 CEST 2009

Hello Werner,

I would not interchange the top/bottom of the PCB, because that has some 
implications for manufacturing. On double sided boards, everything heavy and 
difficult to solder is normally placed on the component side, which happens 
to be the top side, drawing wise, which is also the side of the board that 
gets soldered on the second (sic!) run through the oven (just in case someone 
needs this information).

The orientation of the PCB (horizontally/vertically) should not matter at the 
moment. Maybe the panel later on needs a defined orientation but that is nome 
steps away now. So de-panelization was the right thing to do as the panel 
should be an n-times copy of the single board, maybe with additional testing 
circuitry on the panel border.

(who hopes he manages to join working on the PCB)

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