Remaining symbols

Werner Almesberger werner at
Wed May 27 16:29:50 CEST 2009

?lvaro Lopes wrote:
> Done. Commit later. Not sure about similar products pinout, so I named it
> "emh4". If you have a better name tell me so I can commit with the new name.

Page 1/3 of Digi-Key's search yields:

Panasonic XN0421x (discontinued and crazy pin numbering), XP0421x,
UP0421x (discontinued), Rohm EMH3, Diodes Inc. DDC1xxTU, ...

Hmm. There are a lot of qualifiers:

- dual NPN
- 6-pin package (implies that you don't have common emitter or such)
- only base resistor, no bias resistor
- E1B1C2E2B2C1 or C1B2E2C2B1E1 pin assignment (IMH and XN0621x are of
  the latter type)

dual_npn_6_base_ebc sounds a bit too complicated. Let's just call it
EMH4, and earmark it and its army of aliases for a future "dual NPN"
or "dual trans" category.

> > Q1502	Single transistor (maybe we can use a stock part if the
> > 	pin numbering fits)
> No. I created a NPN_BEC based on KiCad symbol. Will commit later.

Great !

> > SW1501	4 pin button
> Reused KiCad symbol too. Will name it "SW_PUSH_4".

Oh, if the symbol exists, we should use the original name and reference
KiCad's library, like we did with R_PACK4.

> > LED1501	Bi-color LED, common anode
> or just do not put this info on the symbol.

Wavelengths and all that are not normally part of the symbol, so I'd
leave this to matching pin number with data sheet. We can and should
add the color as a comment in the schematics, though.

- Werner

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