New Symbols, X7602, X7601, U760, U7603, U7601

Rene Harder rehar at
Sat May 30 00:48:13 CEST 2009

Werner Almesberger wrote:
> Rene Harder wrote:
>> U7601 (ATR0610-PQQW) - GPS Low Noise Amplifier
> I made a few small changes:
> - the RF_GND pin was off by 5 mil
> - I think a non-filled triangle is more common as amplifier symbol
>   than a filled triangle
> - the data sheet calls pin 3 DC_GND, not GND
> - changed DC_GND an RF_GND from Power Out to Power In (you had
>   VCC right ! :)

I think DC_GND sounds odd and does not make any sens to me. GND always
refers, if not otherwise specified (DGND, AGND etc.) to the supply
ground which is in this case DC. So I thought i reduce the redundant

>> +#GPS Low Noise Amplifier
>> +P: ATR0610-PQQW
>> +D:
> Hmm, where does the "W" come from ? Didn't find it in either the BOM
> nor in the data sheet. Google has a few hit, but these seem to be
> sites that generate fake hits similar to the real items they have.
> So I left the "W" out.

agree, I could not find anything either.

> Thanks,
> - Werner

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