gta02-core and external GPS antenna

cyrusdreams cyrusdreams at
Sat May 30 09:47:05 CEST 2009

Am Freitag 29 Mai 2009 schrieb David Garabana Barro:

>  I use FR a lot for generating GPS traces for OpenStreetMap.
> For me it's a must, and I know at least one more person who uses FR for OSM
> like me.

And you really get better results with the external antenna? I do a lot of OSM 
too. From my observation, the reception is the same unless you are in a car 
and put the external antenna outside. 

However, I had better reception during the time the GPS interfered with the 
SD-Card, but that's long gone now.

I would vote to have the connector removed, as one can close the hole tightly 
and have one less possibility for rain water to get into the phone (that is 
my worst nightmare when using the GTA02 for OSM-mapping).


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