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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Andy Green wrote:
|> Second ARM core... I seem to recall calling this "insane" and it not
|> actually helping with the things we need a tiny power-friendly always-on
|> MPU for,
| Would you consider ST's small ARMs as unsuitable ? Their power
| consumption is quite low. Not nearly as low as MSP430, of course,
| but then, does it really matter whether it would take the MPU
| alone one or ten years to drain the battery ?
| (But yes, let's not confuse this with the addition of something
| the size of the 2442. That would truly be insane ;-)

I realized after Wolfgang used the same "second ARM core" phrase
elsewhere that this is not about the "second 2442" thing that it sounds
like, he means some ARM7 CPU or so.  I'm not superglued to MPS430 but
the power is good there, I guess we worry about it later.  Main thing is
to establish an MPU as master of the board -- including and especially
$PMU.  In the event that we find everything changing around us, CPU,
PMU, peripherals, GSM module, that would have some advantages.

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