GTA04 Block V4

Werner Almesberger werner at
Thu Aug 14 02:19:53 CEST 2008

Ian Stirling wrote:
> Make a 'debug board' available, but much, much cheaper.
> This would be something like (in basic form)

This has "too many moving parts" written all over it :-( Granted,
MPU recovery should be an uncommon event, but we better make it
simple, lest new surprises grace us with their presence.

Besides, knowing that there's a reasonable way for everyone to
restore their firmware removes a lot of the Fear of Change one
experiences when releasing updates to the world ;-)

For development of the USB firmware loader, the pads for the bed of
nails should be good enough to access a serial loader port or even
JTAG (the latter may be overkill, though). Once that simple firmware
loader is done, it should basically stay the same forever. Someone
who really wants to go that deep to make changes will probably be
fine with whatever we use inside Openmoko, even if this means a bit
of soldering.

- Werner

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