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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Ian Stirling wrote:
|> Make a 'debug board' available, but much, much cheaper.
|> This would be something like (in basic form)
| This has "too many moving parts" written all over it :-( Granted,
| MPU recovery should be an uncommon event, but we better make it
| simple, lest new surprises grace us with their presence.

Debug board, flat cable: unless we ship a debug board with each phone,
the special hardware solutions are a problem because the guy you need to
have one won't have one.  The flexible cable is like renting the guy a
solution, you know it will degrade rapidly / tear easily and he will be
lost again.

The optimum answer is hiding it inside the phone where it is just
accessible when needed by standard interface, ie, mini or micro USB.  It
doesn't break, can't get lost, everybody has one the same, is always
willing to nuke the phone back to factory no matter what outrages were
done (short of actually killing the NAND).  And it is the factory path

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