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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

|>  > There is good support for the PIC16 series.
|> Completely different toolchain, though.
| yes, on the other hand sdcc has worked well for me.

I also used sdcc on some nice cheap turbo 8051-based Silicon Labs USB
devices, I don't think it's some killer issue if it is sdcc.  That is
GPL'd just fine and was stable for me.

|>  > And those are well able enough to do the consierge job.
|> Good luck with USB ;-)
| OK, I've only done non USB stuff with PICnns

On SiLabs device they had canned code for operating the endpoints and
doing the logical part of the USB protocol, it wasn't a problem.

Ultimately the game of things having firmware and the choice of
write-once or unbrickable has to end with something with no firmware
that is simply inherently unbrickable, that's the FTDI chip in this
story.  If they did a really small package it would be a no-brainer.

Other MPU functions are simpler to specify for when we remove USB from
the mix, a cheap ultra low power MSP430 is fine then.

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