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Andy Green wrote:
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> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> | Hey folks,
> |
> | I'm curious about power management regarding the Ar6k and would be happy
> | to receive some enlightenment.
> |
> | Am I understanding correctly that the chip is always-on?
Yes. Its corresponding power, io_3v3, io_1v8 are always-on.
The original design is, it can be turned-off by configuring CHIP_PWD pin 
as LOW.
Somehow, it doesn't work at all since firmware's issue.

> | Can it be turned on and off completely at all?
> | If so, through what sysfs node?
> It's not implemented yet.  I have a patch that will do it, but I am
> advised that in this case we need to modprobe -r and modprobe the wifi
Basically, you can't turn off the Ar6k entirely once you trigger the 
CHIP_PWD ping.
The alternative way is to use wmiconfig to let Ar6k get into suspend mode.

> modules back in.
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