Sören Apel abraxa at dar-clan.de
Mon Aug 18 18:46:05 CEST 2008

On Mon, 2008-08-18 at 19:59 +0800, matt_hsu wrote:
> The original design is, it can be turned-off by configuring CHIP_PWD pin 
> as LOW.
> Somehow, it doesn't work at all since firmware's issue.

Am I understanding correctly that switching CHIP_PWD to high/low was
supposed to turn the Ar6k on and off?
If so, does the brokenness of CHIP_PWD mean that the Ar6k needs a
firmware update to make this work?
And if that again is correct, is there a way to get this new firmware
deployed in the field?

> Basically, you can't turn off the Ar6k entirely once you trigger the 
> CHIP_PWD ping.
> The alternative way is to use wmiconfig to let Ar6k get into suspend mode.

What does this mean exactly? "can't turn off [...] once you trigger the
CHIP_PWD ping"?

And I do hope that suspend mode is not the final "solution" for this


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