Wifi / let's have RF stuff powered with high current source all the time because...

Joerg Reisenweber joerg at openmoko.org
Mon Aug 25 22:57:55 CEST 2008

Am Mo  25. August 2008 schrieb Andy Green:
> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> | Am Mo  25. August 2008 schrieb Andy Green:
> |> Point taken about the GTA03+ module though -- it should take care of
> |> power switching inside the module boundary in a reliable way or the
> |> module is broken, so we presumably should be able to just use the module
> |> boundary power arrangements.  But still I guess we learn about it during
> |> GTA03 EVB.  There was that guy who saw his GTA02 battery consumption was
> |> stuck at 500mA on VB when he made no call, I really did not like to hear
> |> about it since only the GSM side TX stuff gets that hungry and it seemed
> |> there to be doing its own thing.
> |
> | 100% ACK about scariness of story.
> | Though this wasn't exactly for GSM-powerdown state IIRC. So it seems our
> | biggest problem these days (for GTA02 GSM at least) is serial
> communication
> | between CPU and calypso, including not resuming at all, unsolicited
> resume
> | etc pp.
> | A hung call wouldn't seem impossible to me.
> Yeah.  The GSM side is so autonomous in power and intelligence it really
> can do its own thing.  If the CPU doesn't succeed to take down the call
> through broken UART on resume or whatever than this is what you would
> see as you say.
> It's a pity I didn't ask him to watch consumption when he was quiet and
> not handling the phone.  He said that it chewed through some large chunk
> of his battery when idle in this state, so the current was real, and a
> reboot made that symptom go away.

Also enabling GPRS and some stale protocol or runaway app causing continuous 
retransmits would show same symptoms.
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